How healthy are you?

Find out which of your habits are good for you…

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Ever heard the saying that you are what you eat? This is because what we put into our bodies determines if they will be healthy and happy, or a bit sluggish. Eating vegetables and exercising is good for your body; eating sweets and fried foods, smoking and drinking too much alcohol? Not so good!

It takes an average of three weeks to form a habit, so start forming good ones – you’ll feel happier, more confident, stronger and healthier.

Take our quiz to find out how:

Answer A, B or C to each question to see how healthy you are.

Having a snack between meals is fine but you need to have a balance
Do you:
A: Snack on all sorts of food, even fruit?
B: Snack even if you’re not hungry?
C: Snack on fried food and sweets?

It’s really important to exercise…
Do you:
A: Play a fun game, run or walk?
B: Only do sport or exercise at school?
C: Prefer to stay indoors?

Someone smokes around you…
A: Tell them how bad it is?
B: Ignore them?
C: Smoke with them?

Your take-away meal comes with rice and salad or chips.
You choose:
A: Rice and salad.
B: All three.
C: Chips.

What’s your drink of choice?
A: Water
B: Sometimes water but you prefer sweet drinks
C: Anything but water

Now count how many As, Bs or Cs you have and see below what it says about your health:


Mostly As: Healthy Hlengiwe
You know what’s good and what’s not. You drink eight glasses of water a day, play sports or exercise. Keep it up!

Mostly Bs: Borderline Bontle
You know what’s good and bad but often need a reminder. Why not set goals like exercising twice a week and eating more vegetables?

Mostly Cs: Struggling Sethu
Staying healthy is hard, we get it. Don’t be hard on yourself. Start with small changes like eating an apple instead of magwinya and taking short walks.

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i exercise every weekend

Sept. 20, 2022, 5:02 p.m.