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The first time I went to the clinic to get contraceptives was in May 2014. I had just started dating a new guy, we had already been tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases but I needed to make sure that I was safe with him because I did not want to fall pregnant. I knew I wasn’t ready.

On my way to the clinic, I was very scared because I did not know what to expect. I got there and had to wait in a long queue to see the nurses. After about 2 hours, I was finally called to the nurses' room.

The nurse I spoke to was about my mothers' age, which made it harder to speak to but I went ahead anyway.

At the clinic, the nurses asked me a couple of questions:

When did you last have sex? ave you had unprotected sex? I had recently had unprotected sex, so they asked me to do a pregnancy test to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant.

The whole experience wasn’t so bad. I was just scared. It is hard to speak to your elder about sex but that is something I just have to get over because my health and not falling pregnant is more important.

My first month of using birth control was so difficult because I started to have breakthrough bleeding, weight gain and mild headaches.The contraceptives also made me very emotional, I found out that this was because of the change in hormones caused by the pill.

Despite the changes to my body, I do not regret it. Falling pregnant and raising a child is a massive responsibility, and I know I am not ready, so I prefer to deal with the weight.

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