Hit like a girl

And start kicking life goals!

Whether it’s throwing punches, kicking goals or shooting hoops - trying out a new sport can help build your confidence on and off the field! From finding friends, to learning your strength - joining a sports group can help you thrive in all aspects of your life.

These girls are sharing their story of why hitting like a girl is fierce!

Nyah took on boxing so that she can stand up for herself. She loves the idea that she knows more than her brothers or the boys at school. She’s even beat them in a few play fights!

Boxing has taught Nyah how to be focussed, how to be one step ahead and also how to yell 'ha' when she throws a move. It makes her feel powerful! Now Nyah feels stronger in every aspect of her life and can swerve any punches life throws at her!

Zola's football team meet every Saturday and she looks forward to it all week. Everytime she or her team scores a goal they all roar - they call themselves the ‘Lionesses’. They get muddy and sweaty - but you can't wipe the smiles off their faces.

Sometimes she'll play in the park on a Sunday too with whoever is there and she loves showing off her skills. She feels so confident now that she has found something she loves. She is even coaching her little brother and his friends on how to play.

Dede was inspired to start playing basketball by her dad who was always playing when she was growing up. She asked her parents all the time when she could join a team - and even though at first they thought it wasn’t a good idea, she stuck to it and they eventually let her.

She has joined a mixed team and is one of only two girls. At first they teased her and said that she would not be as good as them. But she made sure to go to every training session they had and practiced any chance she got! Now she is running loops around boys.

Is there a sport you have been wanting to try? Why not grab your bestie and give it a go. And if anyone says you hit or throw like a girl - say thank you! Cause girls can pack a mighty punch.

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