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Hey girls I'm 17 years old I started dating when i was 13 years old ever since then I've been dating and all the guys that I've ever dated has cheated and lied too me,September 24 I went to westbury with my friend too meet her other friend nisha when we got there,my friend introduced me as her gal friend.there was this other gal named naynay she was lesbian,since the very frist day we started chatting on Facebook then she invited me on WhatsApp..a week after chatting too her I developed feelings for her I and so did she,in October we starting dating for about 2 months and I cheated on her with a guy,he broke my heart I that's where I reliezed the mistake I did was choosing him over her.I texted her everysingle day asking for forgiveness February she texed me one evening asking for my numbers I then replyed and give it too her we starting dating a day after that we were deeply in love and that's were I relized that I'm into woman they understand me more,we go through the same things.last week Sunday after church I went to her flats cause she was angry at me I spoke too her face too face I looked into her eyes and told her I love her and asked her to unblock me so we could talk...she did so and the monday she blocked me again till now on,I need some advice i can't loss her I love her there no one else after her💔

March 20, 2022, 8:58 p.m.

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