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-🌷 Hey . I started writing from grade 4 , and im now in Matric but i am still writing . I basically write poems , songs and i have my own autobiography but no way forward . I am also about to start writing short stories after the final exams 👏💜 . Blessed enough , a publisher has approached me , but i do not trust him because he now wants a relationship from me 💔 . All hope is gone , but i need a way forward because i cannot possibly hang onto the past 😢🍃 . That is also what drove me out of the music industry .. so i would not gamble my talent for such 👐💜 . I am ready and willing to be part of your writer's group 🙋📓 . I assure you , i am a good writer 😘😊

March 20, 2022, 8:55 p.m.

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