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Hi spring sters ahm am in a 1yr relationship with my boyfriend and yep things were so perfect, so we had this 1 major conflict and well I met someone else during that time,that person made me happy to the extant I just forgot about my boyfriend, so weeks later my boyfriend suggested that we fix things and I didn't agree,he was so hurt and cried, like I was surprised because this was the first time a male cried for me,I agreed to fix things but then the other guy didn't also want to let go of me that's when the cheating started ,later on my boyfriend discovered and well he didn't leave me he said I was confused,so I broke things off with the other guy because of the guilt I had so this other guy texted me and we talked it went to the extant were we talked about our relationship and I feel like I am with my boyfriend because if feeling sorry for him,at the other side I can't let go of him,am so confused pls advice me to either choose the guy or my boyfriend

1 year, 8 months ago

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Gabi - Moderator

Hey Springster! Sorry for the delay, I had some technical issues! Thank you for your question. I am pleased to tell you that you can now chat to Big Sis, a smart robot who will help you make smart choices when it comes to sex and relationships. She's ready to answer all your burning questions. Click on this link to get started:

1 year, 7 months ago

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