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Well I have Best friend...we've bin friends since primary 2...we tell each other everything buh dis last few months we noticed that a guy will ask us both out n dis has really disturbed us we both don't have boyfriends now n we r afraid of having 1 coz if a guy asks me out de sem guy will ask mi Best friend out.mostly because we look alike some people confuse us being sisters..I don't know if these guys see that or just want to play us both...well I dnt want 2 lose mi Best Friend coz of dat..plz help me what shud I do?!

2 years, 3 months ago

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Hi Buzz44, thank you for coming to us with your question. Sometimes romantic relationships can get in the way of friendships but they really don't have to. We think that the most important thing that you and your friend should do is make your friendship with each other stronger. Romantic relationships are great, but we don't think they are worth breaking up a great bond between you and your friend. Try to remember that your friendship is way more important than any guy who is disrespectful enough to ask both of you out (especially if he knows you are friends). If you trust your friend, then perhaps the both of you can talk freely and openly about your crushes and how you would feel if one of you date a guy that the other liked. If you talk about these things before they happen again, you will be more prepared for them when they do happen and you are less likely to make them break your friendship.

1 year, 11 months ago

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