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Section 3: How to Make a Plan The tip of this session is: Save a little every time you earn. Elizabeth from the Love or Money story was good at math. This is the savings plan she came up with: Goal Cost Weekly amount to save # of weeks to save for Goat $60 $3 20 This is how Elizabeth did her calculation: 60 ÷ 3 = 20 Now You Try. Copy the table onto a piece of paper to make your own savings plan by filling in the blanks. Goal Cost Weekly amount to save # of weeks to save for Your Goal _____ ____ _____ Congratulations! You have completed the Earn It! Save It! session on managing your money. You have: Understood the value of regular savings Made a personal savings plan to reach a savings goal Saving is hard to do when there is not enough money to pay for all the things we need. However, saving can be easier when you decide to save regularly, a little bit every time you earn. Even if you can only save a small amount, making it a habit will slowly build up a sum of money and enable you to reach your goals. Tip: Share this story with your friends. Help each other set goals and save! Remember, Save a little every time you earn!

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