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Hy. Me i always worry about myself i dnt knw whats wrong .. I always feel head is always in pain i dnt feel happy.i have low self-esteem even now tht i have done writing my last exams in g12 I dnt knw wat makes me happy n i dnt knw whr m gud at yoh am a mess So can u plz help me

2 years, 10 months ago

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Hey Springster Thank you for reaching out. From what you are describing, it looks as if you are suffering from depression. Although it is sad that you are feeling this way, these feelings are common with somebody who is going through many changes. You have already done the first step, you have asked for help and you should feel happy that you have taken the first step towards helping yourself. However, now that you have taken your first step, asking for help, now you need to take the second step and that is going to see a professional counsellor. If you go and speak to a counsellor in your local clinic or hospital, it will help you get through the issues that you facing in a constructive way. Counsellors can help you deal with the unhappiness that you are going through. There are different organisations that offer to counsel you for free. The South African Depression & Anxiety Support Group, SADAG, are a great organisation that offer services such as any mental health issues that you must face. Their website is and they have a chatbox on the website where you can speak to a counsellor on the website. They also have support groups across the country and they can direct you to the nearest support group should you need one. Hopefully this help. Goodluck.

2 years, 4 months ago

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