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hi guys l have just join springster now .l need advice what should l do .l don't know what happens to me sometimes l just become sad for trival matters so it happens again the last few days and l stopped talking to anyone .my mom didn't ask me what was wrong and the following day she was ignoring me until now l tried to talk to her,doing chores to make her happy but nothing changes . this not the first time it happens most of the time even last year on christmas. what hurts me the most is that it was my first christmas with her that day it wasn't my fault she just become angry without listenig to what l have to say. yes she does everything for me but still its not enough because a child needs mothers love .l have lived 15 years without her so we dont know each other so well .sometimes she does or say hurtful things to me that l could even Think of commiting suicide. that is because l love her so much l can't bear to see her angry with me. she is not someone who will forgive you when you apologise sometimes l wonder if she loves me or she only love her two sons what should l do .because l can't even apologise

3 years, 1 month ago

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