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Hi.I'm Truth and a gay teenager.I had this great male friend who I confided that I loved romantically.He said he felt the same way and we dated.He recently after my friend so I decided to just stay away from him which is what I've been doing lately.Things are awkward between us and I regret dating him.I wish we could get back to being friends.What should I do???

3 years, 1 month ago

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Hey Tshediso, thanks for reaching out to us. We think that what he did was really uncool , but if you've forgiven him then this is also good. We think you should give yourself some time away from him, especially if you are still feeling really awkward and regretful about the relationship still. Spending time apart from him and not forcing to make things cool right now will help you heal better. Once you are ready to be around him, it will be a little easier to be around him then. Kindly ask your friend to understand that you cannot be around him at this point, but when you are ready you will be able to. Explain everything clearly so that your friend doesn't interpret your desire for distance as you being jealous or mean. We hope this helps you Springster.

3 years, 1 month ago

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