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Love makes the world go round. Don’t believe me? Just tune into MetroFM on Sunday. They play love songs the whole day without repeating a song!

Falling in love is great. But what happens when the relationship ends?

Bae and I were together for seven months. He was my first love and my first boyfriend. We hung out a lot and did everything together.

Being together was all that mattered to us...until we broke up. Then I was alone, and because I neglected my friends when I was with bae, it seemed like I had no one to turn to.

That was lesson one was about being a good friend. I didn’t take a lot of care of my relationship with my girls. This is not how things should be. Our friends love us. Their motivation and support makes us stronger and help us to be happy with who we are. Being love is great and spending with bae is a must. But we need to take care of our other relationships as well.

Lesson two came to me by accident. Now that I was no longer with bae, I had a lot of free time, which made me think about him all the time. I read an article on Springster that said being a volunteer helps you to feel better about yourself. So now I’m volunteering at an old age home in my neighbourhood. It’s giving me work experience, plus I get to make new friends and discover new things together!

My final lesson was friendship. I apologised to my friends for ignoring them. They understood, and told me that we all make mistakes. Now I have my crew in my corner again. They help me feel better when I’m sad. When I want to him, I call my bestie instead and tell her how I feel. It’s helping me to move on and feel good about myself again. I’ve realised I’m better off without him now I have my friends around me!

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