Whose path should I take?

...when you’re not sure whether to choose what you want, or what your parents want.

Your thoughts (20) Whose path should I take?

Whose path should I follow? I know what I want to be when I grow up, but my parents also have their ideas about my future.
I never told my parents about my dream of being a writer. I had to read my comics and novels on the sly while studying math and before sleeping. Now, they’re asking me to work in a big company with a high salary and lots of benefits. I guess that’s my fault for, not telling my parents what I really wanted. I don’t want you girls to make the same mistake. If only I had told my parents, they might have bought me books and sent me to writing workshops. They might have supported me. They might have.... There’s so many possibilities lining up when I think about what I didn’t do.

Communication is the best way to solve the problem. Tell your mom or dad that you have an important issue to talk about, and ask them when they have moment. Make a nice cup of tea, and explain that you to discuss your future, and would appreciate their input. Listen to their concerns, and then ask them to express yours. Show them your efforts to accomplish your dream. They have hearts and , they should’ll listen to you if they know it’s important to you.

They’re human beings, they’ll listen to you. They’re your parents, they’ll listen to you. Even if they don’t agree with you, it’s important to respect our parents wishes and realise they often only want what's best for us. But with good communication hopefully we can understand each other better and all be happy!

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Ncooh you will be strong baby girl.

2 years, 12 months ago

Hi guys ...I wanna be a teacher but my parents told me that they don't want any of their kids...

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