Stronger together!

Girls can change the world when they work together.

Stronger together!

Together, girls are more powerful. When we support each other, we change the world. For real!

Like Miss Earth South Africa. It’s a beauty contest for women who want to look after our planet. They teach people to take better care of the environment, and give girls the chance to share ideas to create change. This starts where you are. Ask your teacher to help you and your friends organise a group of people to pick up rubbish in your area. Save water by gardening after sunset. This year, do something big, something that’s going to be around 100 years from now. Plant a tree. Ask your teacher or community leader to help you meet the challenge of planting 10 trees in your community.

When we unite, we inspire hope and change. And when you change a community, you change the world!

Yasmin and Afua started an organisation called She Leads Africa. They connect young business women. They also hold workshops to teach skills like advertising and increasing profits. They show that young girls can have dreams and how to make this happen. They inspire us to learn from one another.

There are many girls and women like Yasmin and Afua, who work together to change the lives of communities and girls.

Connect with like-minded girls in your school or community. Is there a club, like Rise club for girls or the Boys and Girls Club, which has after school programmes for young people?

Ask an adult you trust to help you look for places where girls come together to learn from, support and inspire each other.

Together, we are stronger!

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