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How awesome are school holidays? Fun in the sun, party at night or movies all weekend long. So grab your crew and your selfie sticks and get ready to live your holiday goals. But before you head out, remember to always look after yourself by keeping your fun in always make sure that you stay safe in public places.

Keep your cell phone close and charged:

Having your phone in your hand at all times can be irritating and attract criminals, but try keeping it somewhere you can reach it quickly should you need to make an urgent call.

Keep your friends close:

Of course you are able to look after yourself but do you know what really helps keep us safe? Having another person looking out for us. Walk in a group or in pairs, even when going to the bathroom.

Tech it up:

Namola is a cool safety app that you can use to let the police know where you are if you are in danger, like when someone's following you or harassing you. It will tell the police you need help and send them your location. Downloading the app is free, from your app store.

Call for help:

If you don’t have airtime and need help, call 112 for an ambulance or the police. This is available on all cellphone networks.

Share your location:

This helps people find you when you go missing. Make sure the Google Maps app is updated to the latest version. Go to “Map – Share location – Until you turn this off – Select people – Choose a person- Share.

Using a taxi or bus:

Try catch a taxi at the taxi rank. If that’s not possible avoid getting in an empty taxi or one that only has men.

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