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You know what makes the world really beautiful? Great friends. An awesome crew that you loves you and has your back. Like me, Rethabile and my bestie Dineo. We do everything together. We are family. We’re so close people call us twins.

We care for each other. I had flu a few weeks ago and missed a day of school. Dineo brought me lemons and ginger, and helped me catch up with school work.

Dineo’s is 17 and her three siblings are 8, 7 and 3. They can’t help with chores. I have two older sisters and few chores. To help Dineo have more time for us to study after school, I help her with chores.

We look out for each other. We are honest with each other. When I started putting drama club above other responsibilities, Dineo didn’t attack me. She told me that she noticed that I fell behind with my homework, and asked me if I was struggling. She listened to me instead of jumping to conclusions.

We set goals together and support each other. I’ve always saved some of the money I earn by looking after a neighbour’s three dogs. When Dineo set herself the goal of buying her first pair of sneakers, I became her cheerleader. I encouraged her to start by save what she could even if it was R5 a week. She now has a side hustle braiding hair so she can save more money. She’s helping me get fit by teaching me how to dance!

We talk it out. We don’t always agree, and sometimes we even feel like saying #girlbye.We always listen to each other and hug it out. We remember that no-one is perfect, including our friends. But we’re still #squadgoals.

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