Spring fever!

1 sarong, 3 hot looks!

Your thoughts (33) Spring fever!

Nothing says Spring is here like a sarong. Colourful and light, this piece of cloth is one of the flexible items to have in your wardrobe. Stylist Tumi shows you three simple and beautiful ways to wear a sarong.

Cross back top

Spring fever!

For a top with a beautiful neckline to show off a necklace or choker. Wear it with a skirt or high-waist pants. 1. Fold sarong into a triangle. 2. Put in it on your chest with the longer side of the triangle covering your stomach all the way around to your back. 3. Bring the long ends up to your neck, leaving an X shape at the back. Then tie them around your neck. 4. With the little piece that’s left in front, loop around your neck.

One-shoulder dress

Spring fever!

For a cute dress to wear over skinny jeans or leggings. 1. Stretch the sarong behind you. 2. Cross it in the front and tie it behind you, then rotate the knot to the side. 3. Tie the bottom corners together. 4. Slip that over your head to be on the shoulder. 5. Add a belt and bracelets.

Spring throw

Spring fever!

To add a wow factor to a body hugging outfit. 1. Fold your sarong in half. 2. Hold up the top corners where you folded and tie into a pretty knot. 3. You should be able to see two holes where you can put your arms through.

And there you go! You can find some beautifully designed sarongs at Jet, Mr Price, Pep and PicknPay Clothing from R50. Or shop in your mom, grandmother, sister or aunt’s wardrobe and ask them for any colourful cloth that’s at least a meter long


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