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My hobby is learning a new word every day. My word for today is “sluggish”. It means feeling slow. You know, those moments when you feel super drained. Is this you right now? Time to get motivated!

Relationships: Whether it’s family, friends or bae, making happy memories with loved ones makes us feel happier and more confident. You could learn to cook with your mom, help your dad or brother with the gardening or learn how to ride a bike with your friend. Sharing happy moments and activities brings us closer to people we love. When our relationships are healthy, and filled with love and care, we feel that we are worth it!

Your mind: Homework, our goals, thinking about the future, doing your chores, choosing what to wear, chilling out at the mall and on Facebook and WhatsApp. Phew! It can be a lot for our minds. I put my thoughts in place by taking 10 minutes every morning and evening to spend time alone. I use it to meditate. Meditation is a way of relaxing your mind by being in silence. It helps to clear your mind and it’s a great way to bring positive vibes into your life. Here’s a tip: while meditating, speak powerfully about your life and repeat what you are saying. For example, “I’m courageous”, “I’m young but I’m powerful”, “my future is bright because I’m invested in it”. It’s true that we are what we believe, and you, Springster, are made for success.

Your feelings: Are you feeling sad, angry, afraid or insecure? It could be that you lost a competition, or got a low mark. Sometimes, we may feel down when we are winning. I’m struggling to understand a maths equation, I put myself down at first but realised that taking longer to understand doesn’t make me dumb. I’ve improved my marks before and I’m in the netball team - his reminded me that I can face my challenge and win. When you’re going through a tough time, doing things that you love or that you are good at is a great way to remind yourself that you rock!

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