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Hey Springsters!

Are you feeling a little tired or stressed lately? It’s normal to feel like you have no energy left towards the end of the year. With exam season or the hard work of taking care of family and doing chores during the Christmas period upon you, your nerves could be making you feel more stressed than usual.

Time to take a deep breath and do yourself a favour: self-care.

This is when you take time out of your responsibilities, including doing your chores or revision, to show yourself some love by doing some of your favourite things.

It can be taking a walk to clear your mind, taking a 30-minute break to do something that energises you, like dancing, or that you love and find relaxing, like cooking, baking or your favourite hobby.

Another great way to show yourself love is by pampering yourself.

Invite your friends over for an hour of pampering at your home spa. Ask everyone to bring nail polish and give each other manicures and pedicures.

Resting seems like a waste of precious time when you have revision or chores to get through, but that’s exactly what you need to do. You still need sleep so your mind and body can get time to recharge. When you are energised, you will be ready to keep slaying!

Good luck girls! How do you self-care? Leave your tips in the comment box!

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