Safety first!

How to stay safe on Whatsapp, Facebook and elsewhere online.

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Facebook and WhatsApp are a great way to connect with friends, and share information, music and pictures. Just remember to always put your safety first.

Protect your WhatsApp profile picture
For your profile picture to be reserved for your family and closest friends, go to WhatsApp Settings, select Account, click on Privacy and go to profile photo to change the settings to My Contacts or Nobody. This makes it impossible for people to download your picture.

Control what people see
Facebook makes your life public, but you can still control what people see when they search for you. Go to your profile, click Friends, go to Manage Sections and uncheck information that you don’t want to appear on your profile.

Control tags on Facebook
To avoid being randomly tagged on pictures and posts, go to Privacy, choose Timeline and Tagging, then go to Edit Settings and choose Review Posts. This way, pictures and posts that you are included in will need your permission to be posted.

Block them
If someone is harassing you on social media or on WhatsApp, you can report their profile and block them so they can’t see your profile or send messages. Block people if they bully you and send you inappropriate messages, including naked pictures. Don’t feel bad, even if it’s someone you know.

Be careful
When we follow people on social media, we sometimes feel like we know them, from their favourite food to their dream car. Even so, don’t exchange personal information like your phone number, home address and private pictures or videos. Basically if you would never put something on a public wall for everyone to see, you shouldn’t be sending it because no matter how careful you are, nothing is truly private online.

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