Planning for your next outing

To go out or not to go out

Planning for your next outing

Going out takes a lot, from figuring out what to wear, asking your mom for pocket money and let’s not forget about figuring out where you are going. While going out can be a lot of fun, there are a few things that you need to think about before you say yes to that outing!

Is where you are going actually safe?

We all want to be seen at the popular spots hanging out with the coolest people. But before you sign up for a outing with friends, ask around and find out who usually frequents the spot and if it is safe to go. Sometimes, there are places that are cool but can put you in danger should any violence break out. Make sure you only go to safe spaces - and tell a trusted adult where you will be, so they can help if you find yourself in danger.

Can you afford to go out?

Being broke sucks. You can’t afford to buy that movie ticket or a lunch when you are with friends. It is a horrible feeling, when you want to go out friends but you don’t have money, and you know your parents don’t have the money either. It is tough but we all go through it. If you don’t have the money, just say no. Don’t borrow money or get someone else to pay for your outing. Depending on others - especially people you don’t know well or just met at an event - to pay your way when you are out and about, can endanger your safety and put you in awkward situations with friends. Reschedule and plan to go out when you have money again but don’t put yourself in danger for a nice time.

Do you have reliable transport to get back home?

Planning a day out with friends is always a lot of fun, but we sometimes forget to figure out the smaller details - like how we will get back home. Before you go out, make sure you have a reliable plan of how you will be able to get home if there are no more taxis. Whether you save money for a cab or speak to a friends mother, figuring out how you will get home will make sure you don’t find yourself in a compromising and unsafe position when it’s time. Asking strangers or someone who is not trustworthy for a lift to get home puts your safety at risk and is not worth it, so it is better to just not go at all.  Do you have any tips for girls who are planning their next outing? Tell us in the comments section

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