My poems, my weapon!

Words are powerful.

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Hey Springsters! You know what’s super cool? Knowing that we can all make a difference to our families and community. How? By using our voice. We all have an issue we are passionate about. This can be making sure can go to school, promoting safety in our communities...anything that we feel strongly about. Think you are too young to speak out?

Meet Botlhale. She’s a 15 year old poet from Mafikeng. Growing up, she always felt like she had something very important to say and wanted the whole world to hear it. A few years ago when she saw on TV that a show called South Africa’s Got Talent was looking for contestants, she took her chance...and won.

Her talent is poetry, which she has been writing and performing from when she was six years old. “Everything around me inspires me to write,” she says, explaining that she is most inspired to write about social issues, like rape, racism, and discrimination against women. “I also write to motivate and inspire girls,” she continues, “I know that girls are powerful and that we can change the world.”

Her life and experiences show that it’s possible to follow your dreams no matter how young you are! “I have the power to teach and to make people aware of their surroundings,” she tells us, “ I have built my confidence to perform. I always tell myself that I was born for greatness.”

Other than becoming a TV star at 15, she has also been to America to perform her poems. She’s also performed for presidents and currently stars on Scandal! as Omphile. “My talents have given me an opportunity to earn money and I advise all girls to do the same.” See? All of us have the potential to be great — leave a comment below and let us know what you dream of doing!

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