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I can. I will! We all need to say this more often because we can. It doesn’t matter how far-fetched your dream is, or how many challenges and disadvantages you face. You, and every girl, can be great. Like these awesome South African women.

Asnath Mahapa

Asnath dropped out of university to follow her dream of flying planes. In 1998, she became South Africa’s first female pilot. She now has her own aviation school.

Caster Semenya When the world made fun of her looks, Caster used her talent to shut down her haters. She has gold medals from winning at the olympics, among other proud achievements.

Kutullo Makgatho Proving that you don’t need fame (or money) to change the world, Kutullo (25) invented an app that helps to monitor sleeping toddlers. It reports changes the baby’s breathing and temperature. She wants to help stop Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is when toddler who seem healthy die suddenly, usually in their sleep. It kills a lot of infants, and use to seem like a medical mystery. Kutullo is solving it with the power of her idea and technology. Viva to girls who are geeks!

Kopano Matlwa

She wanted to be a doctor and finished her degree, but Kopano’s heart belonged to books. When she was 22 she wrote a novel called Coconut. It won local and international awards. Kopano became a celebrated writer, with two more novels. She went on to study at Oxford University. It’s one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Samantha Ngcolomba

Samantha is a lawyer. She started an organisation called Lady Liberty to help girls and women who don’t have money to pay for legal services. They give advice on domestic violence, rape, marriage, divorce, maintenance and wills.

Go on and shine girls! We rock!

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