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It only takes a little creativity to be a fashion queen without spending a lot of cash. Fashion stylist Tshepo Mosokotso (@Sponono_Fierce) shares his tips.

Go thrifting
Charity shops have amazing clothes that are stylish and way cheaper than stuff in retail shops. A great place to start is downtown in your city. Look for places where people sell clothes in piles on the streets. You can get t-shirts, dresses, jeans, accessories, and more for as little as R20.

Fashion exchange
If your bestie has a dress you like, and you have a jacket they want, trade your clothes and #Boom, you have something new to wear.

Mom’s boss
V for vintage babes. Your mom’s clothes are back in fashion. Ask her if you can dig through her wardrobe to look for old blouses, skirts and dresses. You’ll find something super awesome. Mix and match with outfits that you already have to be trendy.

Hey sis, hey bro
Your brother’s jeans are hot right now as boyfriend jeans. That dress or skirt that your sister wouldn’t let you touch two years ago is now yours for the taking now that she thinks they’re old. Wear them with accessories for a wow factor.

Old clothes, new style
We all have stuff that we love but won’t wear because it’s no longer cool. Turn your old scarf into a boob tube, cut your jeans and turn them into shorts, or add new buttons to your fave dress. The possibilities are endless..and affordable.

Fashion is all about fun. So go ahead and #Slay as only you can.

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