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Dear Springster

I have been with my boyfriend for a year now. We met in grade 8 and I was attracted to him from the first time I heard him speak. He asked me out when we got to grade 9, there were flowers and candles and the whole school was jealous. Things were going really well. He told me he loves me after a month together. He used to walk me home every day, he took me to the doctor when I was sick and he was there for me when my grandmother died. I used to like how protective he was of me. He would be mean to every boy that would talk to me.Things started getting weird when he told me what to wear and what girls to talk to. He keeps telling me to break up with my best friend. Now we don’t go out anymore, he gets really angry when I go to the mall with my friends. He says he loves me, and I love him too but I am really scared of him. Should I dump him?

From Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

First of all, your feelings of apprehension and fear are valid. Sometimes when in relationships, you can have a person behaving a certain way at first. This does not mean that their actions will be consistent all the time. You can talk to a trusted adult about your fears and concerns. The decision to break-up is entirely up to you. You have to take into consideration that if he really loved you, he would not treat you this way and if you stay with him, there is no guarantee that he will change. His behaviour is abusive and isolating you from your friends and family is not healthy. If you do decide to break up with him, you can take the time alone to work on loving yourself. Being alone is not the same as being lonely - it sounds like you have lots of friends around you that you can turn to for support. Give yourself time to heal.

Hope this helps

Love Springster

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