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How to fix a relationship after fighting with a friend.

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Sometimes your bestie will act in a way that hurts you, or you’ll say something that makes them feel bad. Sorry can sometimes be the hardest word to say. But there comes a time when you just have put your feelings aside and apologise or accept an apology.

Here are some things you can do to mend a friendship after an argument.

Think about what went wrong
The best place to start when you want to resolve an argument is by thinking about what started the fight. Was it that your friend went to the mall after she promised to come over and help you babysit? When you know what led to a fight, you can both explain your side of the story. Maybe she was scared to let you down, and more than being left out of a trip to mall, you are disappointed that she didn’t keep her word.

Chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook can be a great way to catch up with your friend but it might not be very successful when it comes to solving problems. Meet in person, have a conversation without accusing each other of being wrong, and focus on finding solutions. Sure you are both angry, but doesn’t it suck more than you can’t WhatsApp to chat about homework or Skeem Saam?

Don’t get caught up in rumours
It’s tempting to talk to someone else about a fight, especially if you feel wronged. But talking to anyone but the friend you fought with will only make things worse. Avoid being petty, like spreading rumours about your friend (now that you think they’re your frenemy). If you really need to tell someone how you feel, talk to an adult you trust or an older sibling.

Honestly make peace When making peace, mean it and be honest in accepting each other’s apologies. This way, no one will secretly have beef with the other.

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