How I found a holiday gig: a story

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How I found a holiday gig: a story

Holidays can be quite boring when your parents won’t let you visit your friends or go on sleepovers or just have fun in general. I really needed something to do. I decided to try get a job during the December holidays.

But it turns out getting a job isn’t as easy as it sounds. I had 3 job interviews and I didn’t get any of these jobs and I wasn’t even called in for training.

On one of the Saturdays, my big sister and I walked around the mall closest to us, going from shop to shop asking managers if they needed anyone to work during the December period.

I finally got lucky when we saw a help wanted sign at Milky Lane. I went over to the counter and asked to speak to the manager.

“Hi, how can I help you?” He asked. “I saw the sign here and I was wondering if you’re hiring high school students?” “Yes, we need extra staff for December - do you have any experience?” “No, but I am willing to learn” “Okay, bring your CV on Tuesday and I’ll interview you for the position.” “Okay, can do.”

The exchange was quick and I was worried that I hadn’t given a good first impression.

I asked my older sister to help me put together a CV and she also helped me get ready for my interview. She helped me get ready by asking me questions, helping me perfect my answers and work on my confidence.

Tuesday came and I went to the interview dressed in my best. At the interview, I used everything my sister had taught me to do - back straight, speak clearly and be confident. The interview went by so fast, it was a blur. But I got the job! I was so excited - my first holiday job!

I had to do a week of training before I could officially be part of the team. What a week it was! Making an ice-cream cone isn’t as easy as it sounds, I think I burnt 8 waffles before I finally learnt how to make a perfectly golden brown one and I ruined 3 triple chocolate sundaes before I got one right! And my feet had never been so sore… ever! But I survived training and the manager said that he was impressed with my attitude and how hard I worked.

I worked at Milky Lane for the rest of the December holiday. It wasn’t an easy job to do and there were days when I wanted to quit. But I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t because I learnt a lot about time management, working with a team and asking for help. Also the tips were great, we got to eat a lot of ice-cream during our breaks and I got to spend my first pay cheque on a pair of sneakers that I had been asking my mom to get me.

Here are a few tips to help you find your holiday job:

Ask around at restaurants and shops near you if they need help during the December period Be honest about how much experience you have or don’t have At your interview be on time, dress neatly, be confident, clear and show them your personality Go to the interview with someone, preferably someone older than you Don’t agree to interviews that are in an unsafe area If you feel uncomfortable during an interview, leave immediately

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