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So you want to be the next Redi Tlhabi or Milisuthando Bongela? A big part of being a good writer is conducting and writing a good interview. An interview is a chat with someone based on a set of questions and answers that were written to get information about the person you’re interviewing. Once you understand this, you will be able to plan effectively for your interview.

Step One: Choose someone to interview

Sounds simple right? Before you can plan your interview, you need to choose your subject. Look for someone in your community who you find interesting, inspiring, or who knows a lot about a topic that you find interesting. Once you’ve identified your subject, you need to contact them. When contacting your interview subject, you need to tell them what you are doing the interview for (e.g Springster), what you would like to talk about and when you would like to do it. Interviews can be done in person, over the phone or over email and text messages.

Step Two: Plan your interview

Now that you know who you are going to interview, you can start planning your questions. Your questions need to be drafted with your interview in mind. If you are interviewing Boity about her new business, you are not going to ask her questions about what car she drives. Always try to remember what you want out of your interview, and that will help draft the questions

Make sure that you have follow up questions for yes or no answers. Write down open ended questions like “Tell us about your latest project?”. These types of questions often inspire in-depth answers.

Step Three: Time for the interview

Your questions are set and you are on your way to the meeting place, it’s time for your interview. Your safety comes first. Do not arrange an interview in a place that’s unfamiliar to you. If the person can’t meet you at a known location, rather ask to interview them over the phone.

Before you leave the house, you need to tell your parents or guardian where you are going. Do some breathing exercises to shake off the nerves. Don’t start asking interview questions right away, ask your subject about their day or talk about the weather until you are both comfortable. When you are done, make sure to thank them for their time.

Step Four: Write the article

Now that the interview is done, it’s time to write the article. Choose the best answers from your interview. These answers fit in with your purpose, they give us a glimpse into the life of your subject and they are informative. Every article has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. You can choose to write your article in a question and answer format or to rewrite the answers into paragraphs. Always remember to read twice to make sure that your spelling and grammar is correct.

Now that you know how to conduct and write and interview; we are looking forward to seeing your articles in our Your Story submissions.

Good Luck Springsters!

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