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We all have the power to change the world and improve life in our communities. For girls who want to change the society using their ideas and innovation, STEM is the way to go. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. These are subjects you need to study to have a career in engineering or medicine. But there aren’t a lot of girls in STEM careers. And the world needs more of us. Government and private companies have programmes aimed at getting more girls to be involved in science. Ready to go STEM? If you want to be a pilot, check out The Link by Airlink. It’s an innovation challenge for grade 10s to use STEM to find solutions to community problems, like how to make a water purification device. Ask your teacher to help you apply on (011) 451 1489. The Link also hosts cool career days in different parts of the country. You’ll learn everything you need to know about planes, designing and flying them.

There’s also I am Science, by the Goethe Institut. You’ll learn simple ways to understand science and mathematics through experiments you can do at home by using common household items like vinegar, water, dish soap and more.

Their video-sharing app, lets you share your science experiments for airtime or data.

Out of school but seriously into science? We got you! When she dropped out of school after falling pregnant. Nozwakazi heard about colleges like ABET where she can complete her matric from anywhere in the country and classes are online. ICESA gives her the option to study matric part-time and they offer free career guidance advice. So she’ll have the time to study and take care of her baby.

That’s it! Go on and celebrate the geek in you because you know what? Geeks rule!

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