He loves me, he loves me not.

How will you know if he likes you? It’s in his signals?

Your thoughts (762) He loves me, he loves me not.

Your knees go weak when you see him, your heart melts when he smiles and you spend a lot of time thinking about becoming his bae. If only you knew how he feels about you! So, how do you know if he likes you too?

Afraid to disappoint you Boys are only human. Like you, they make mistakes, but when he really likes you, he tries very hard to never let you down. He does the things he says he will do and keeps his promises. If he can’t keep his word because, well, life happens, he will try to make it up to you.

Does he respect you, treat kindly and talk to you properly, like his life would be over if you were not in it? A guy who is afraid of losing the girl he loves treats her like a queen, with respect.

Constantly seeking your company
Whether it’s inviting you to a party, chilling at the park, when he loves you, he will look for different ways to spend time with you because he is interested in getting to know you.

Makes you part of his life
He finds ways to show you that you are part of his life, like introducing you to his friends and family or putting you on his social media to show you he takes pride in being with you.

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Just leave him if he cares about you and like you so much and if you like him start a friendship

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