Good hair, don’t care...

3 awesome hairstyles that won’t leave you broke.

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We all want to look good, but does this mean breaking the bank? Not when you know that creativity is the first rule to looking good. Here are three hairstyles that you can rock to school...and they won’t cost a lot of money if you bring your own hair piece. Save even more by washing and drying your own hair. It also helps to send a picture of the style you want to the stylist before you go to them so you can agree on the price before the job is done.

1. Soft dreads
Say hello to lovely curls. This hairstyle takes less than four hours to hook up and can last up to two months. You can wear them loosely or as up do. Check out this link for more styles you can rock with soft dreads.

There’s a reason cornrows have been around since 500 B.C. They’re flexible and fun. You can choose from hundreds of styles that take two to three hours to braid. If you take super good care of them, you can rock them for six weeks.

If hairstyles were royalty, braids would be the queen. You can rock them as a bob with or without a fringe and you can choose different hair fibres for different looks. The the shorter the style, like short box braids, the cheaper the look. Worried about costs? Ask your friend to braid your hair, or go to street salons. You’ll sit on a bucket for a few hours, but they’re cheaper than fancy salons!

To take care of your good hair, wear a doek or pantyhose at night, apply hair moisturiser and wash once every two weeks. To protect your hairline, avoid constant up-dos.

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