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Is there anything that beats girl talk? You know, when you get together with your friend or friends and just talk about anything and everything that makes you happy, laugh and cry. Girl talk is like therapy.

We all have something to say about the people in our life, like parents, teachers, friend etc. To bond with your girls, talk about the challenge you experience in your relationship and how you overcame them.

School is important but it doesn’t always feel like fun. but you know what’s fun, girl talk? So why not have a study group to help each other with homework, assignment and exam preparation?

Plans for the future
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Talk about your future plans and encourage each other to set goals and work towards them. The more you talk about where you want to be in future, the more you will be encouraged to work hard.

Explore hobbies together. Make the time count by taking up reading or a sport. For more suggestions on hobbies you can do together, click here.

Insecurities influence your behaviour. Talking about your insecurities to your friends can make you feel better and feel accepted for who you are. You’ll discover that you are not the only person who feels imperfect.

Your differences
We are all different and would love to be treated in a certain way. Be open about your feelings, what you like and don’t like so you are on the same wavelength.

What's trending
Friends must also talk about what is happening around the world. This will give you knowledge and awareness of your surroundings.

See? Girl talk can be about more than gossip!

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Hello Springsters , to me making friends is really hard . I'm an Introvert and tend to be insecure...

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Hey Shantal, there are plenty of people who prefer to spend time more with themselves and this is...

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I also had Friends but all they do is gossip i left them they disappoint me every time should i move...

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