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Hello girls!

Getting a job is part of growing up, but first you have to ace your interview...

First things first
Being called to an interview means two good things. First, it means you submitted your CV, which means you took responsibility for your career. Second, somebody saw your CV and decided they wanted to talk to you.

Before the interviews
Don’t be nervous. The best way to not be nervous? Know your stuff. Look for information about the company you want to work for and the job you want.

Dress for success
Every job has a different expectation of what you should wear to work. Pick something appropriate that’s going to make you feel confident and professional and most of all, natural. Being too casual is disrespectful but don’t overdress either.

Captivating and confident
So, you’re here. It may be an office, or a restaurant. There’s probably many busy people rushing about. You’re probably in a chair at the reception, waiting to talk. This is where you get nervous, right? Take deep breaths. So, now it’s time to talk. Smiling and eye contact are important. Maintain your breath, speak slowly and confidently. Sit forward in your chair, and be 100% focused on whatever is being said.

What to ask?
When the interviewer’s done with questions, this is your turn to ask. It doesn’t mean you don’t know your stuff. Asking questions shows you that you’re a critical thinker.

One last thing
Remember: the only way to fail is to quit! If you have a bad interview learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

Now go out there and do it, girls!

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