From dull to wow

Easy ways to give your bedroom the wow factor.

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We’ve all been there: you love your bedroom, but overtime it starts looking and feeling a little too old. What’s a girl to do? DIY, babes. With a little creativity, you can use old materials to give your room a new look. Try these tricks…

Picture this
We bet you have lots of pictures with friends and family. Instead of looking at them on your phone, turn them into wall art by framing them. Check out this website for great DIY tips. You can also find more inspiration here. It’s super easy and fun!

Bottle it
Don’t throw away old plastic bottles. Cut them in half to turn them into a flower vase, or candles holders. Jazz them up with spray paint in your favourite colours. Take a regular candle, put glitter or sequins and say hello to a bling addition to your room. Find more inspiration here.

Light up
Old light bulbs! Who has any use for them? You, miss DIY interior designer! You can turn them into a pot plant and more! If plants are not your thing, why not tie bulbs with ribbons and put them on a side table? Instagram has amazing ideas. #lightbulb to get started.

Cushion explosion
If mom likes buying new cushions and pillows, ask her to give you the old ones. Turn them into new decorations by getting a colourful cloth and sewing it into a cover.

When it comes to DIY, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a little creativity.

Happy decorating...just remember to ask for permission before using stuff you find lying around the house.

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