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Tips for the perfect selfie

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Ke Dezemba boss, time to chill and have fun. If you are like me and my bestie, your idea of fun includes selfies, lots of them. But how do you get the perfect shot? These tips will make you the queen of selfies.


The perfect selfie starts with good and even lighting (light that doesn’t create shadows on your face).If you’re taking a selfie outside, avoid direct sunlight because it can cause shadows on your face.You’ll also end up squinting because of the sun in your eyes.

Also, avoid taking pictures where the light is right behind you.Try taking pictures under tree or any place that’s hidden from the sun instead. The light will be soft on your face.


Make sure you’re the focus of your selfie, so avoid taking photos where there’s a lot happening in the background. You don’t want anything distracting to take away from you.


As the saying goes, the happiest girls are the prettiest. A great photo is all about confidence. Smile, laugh and have fun while taking your pictures.

Safety first

While taking pictures is fun, make sure you stay safe. When photographers talk about composition, it is all about what gets into the picture - including the stuff behind you, whether it is a tree or a house. When taking your selfies, make sure you don’t reveal any personal information in the background. Double check to see if you didn’t mistakenly show where you live or the mirror isn’t showing anything you would rather someone not see.

When posting your pictures online, try not to tag your location, this could be dangerous for you.

Remember, pictures last a lifetime online, and even your future employers will see them - so try not to put anything that could damage your chances of getting a job

Happy snapping!

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