Cheap Thrills

Seriously fun low budget party ideas for New Year’s Eve

Cheap Thrills

The year is almost over, and what better way to welcome 2018 than with a New Year’s Eve party. We’ve got super fun party ideas for you and your crew that won’t break the budget. So get ready to get down!

Squad sleepover

The squad sleepover is the perfect time to bond with friends and discuss your goals for 2018. Whether it’s going back to school after taking time off or getting a job, your friends will hold you accountable and help you achieve your goals. So get your extra pillows and blankets and invite the girls over for an old-fashioned, fun sleepover. With your parents' permission, you can buy snacks and ask the girls to bring a small contribution for food and drinks. Put on the radio or play music from your phone and dance the night away in your comfortable PJs surrounded by your best buddies.

Throw a house party

Having a squad that loves, supports and looks out for you is great. Whether it is being your study buddy, being available to talk when you are going through a hard time, or pushing you to achieve your goals, friends can be amazing. That’s why you should throw a house party just to thank them.
After asking permission from your parents, throw a house party for your squad. Invite all the friends that have played an important part in your life this past year. Show them you care and appreciate everything they have done for you. Put together a playlist and get everyone to contribute to snacks, whether it is a packet of chips, sweets or even salads. Don’t forget, set ground rules and ask a few adults that you trust to help you supervise the party.

Look for NYE events in your area

Don’t want to stay at home? You can look for events in your area that are specifically for under 18s. You could also visit the movies or an arcade in a mall. Ask an adult to accompany you to the event and make sure that you tell your parents where you will be. Do not walk alone. Remember, safety first. Walk in groups and try to get home right after the fireworks display. How you spend NYE could set the tone for the rest of the year, so if you want 2018 to be great, make sure that you welcome it in a fun and interesting way. Happy New Year Springsters!

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