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5 ways to hang at home with friends.

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Raise your hand if you are super excited that school holidays are almost here. We’ll get to rest from school for a little bit. Sure, we still have chores and housework, but we’ll also get some time to hang out with the squad. And even though I’m going to do some school work. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my squad.

Think that hanging out costs a lot of money? Not if you are creative..

Fun at the spa: Who doesn’t love pampering? So how about inviting your friends over and giving each other manicures and pedicures? Ask everyone to bring their fave nail polish, and you’ll have a spa treatment without paying any of the money. #Win.

Movie Marathon: You love comedies, your friend Palesa loved dramas, while Pontso and Bontle love vampires and sci-fi. Yep, sound like a movie marathon waiting to happen. Ask everyone to bring their favourite movie, make a large bowl of popcorn and boom, you have a day at the movies with the besties.

Gaga for games: Bring out Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladders...any game you like, even morabaraba. Board games are a great way to spend time indoors, and they comes with a lot of LOL moments. Make it spicy by creating your own rules, like the winner of one game choosing the next game to play.

Fashion rulz: Think fashion, babes. Ask everyone to bring an old pair of jeans for an afternoon of fun with fashion...then take those jeans from old to super cool by adding fun features like glitter, buttons or cut out. Check this out for inspiration.

Get crafty: Why not try some arts and craft? Turn old things into cool new stuff. Like making friendship bracelets, turning old bottles into vases...when it comes to DIY and crafts, the sky is the limit. Get inspiration here.

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