The art of letting go

Sometimes there isn’t a second chance — and that’s okay.

Your thoughts (42) The art of letting go

We’re half way into the year. It’s the time when a lot of people reflect on the resolutions they made at the beginning of the year. Every year, we tell ourselves all of the ways that we’re going to change. It’s important to be the best ‘you’ that you can be, to make plans and set goals. But it’s also important to reflect on how we treat others, and June is the perfect time to do that.

Story time!
Lelo and Thabiso used to be best friends, until Lelo’s parents transferred her to a different school. At first, Thabiso and Lelo were able to maintain their friendship. Eventually, however, Lelo started making new friends at her new school and had less time to spend with Thabiso. “I felt like I was nobody to her,” sighed Thabiso. She felt angry that Lelo didn’t seem to care anymore.

If you were Thabiso, could you ever forgive Lelo and move on?

Well, you kinda have to. Things happen. People change. People grow apart. Part of growing up means realising that we can’t control the way other people act; we can only control our reaction to other people. It’s okay to grieve when someone hurts you. Breaking up with a best friend is awful — but it’s also important to let go of bitterness and negativity. So, what did Thabiso do? She told Lelo how she felt. And you know what? Lelo was surprised! She didn’t mean to hurt Thabiso, and she missed Thabiso too.

Their friendship changed and, even though things weren’t the same anymore, they made time to hang out and talk to each other. This is why it’s important to reach out to friends. Lelo invited Thabiso to one of her school parties, where she met Thabiso’s new friends.

They both love the Internet, and agreed that they will have daily chats on WhatsApp so they keep in touch no matter how busy life gets.

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