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My dream is to be a politician. I want to make a change in my community, Gugulethu. I always see politicians like Baleka Mbethe or Phumzile Van Damme on TV talking to a lot of people but I’ve never been good at public speaking. It was something I really wanted to get better at.

It’s taken time, a lot of practice and a few stumbles - but I’m feeling more confident than ever at speaking in front of my classmates.

I’ve learned some easy tips that helped me along the way - to help turn nerves into excitement and get closer to success in seconds!

Here are my top 3 tips that you can try out in 60 seconds!

1. Show your power - even when you're not feeling it!

A quick way to boost confidence on the inside is to feel powerful on the outside. I used to slouch and cover my mouth when I spoke.

Now, before I get in front of a crowd, I take a moment to straighten up.

I take a deep breath until my whole body is strong - all the way to the tip of my fingers and the top of my head! Try this out next time you are nervous to do something. Not only will you feel better - but showing your confidence will make you perform better too.

2. Find your motto

A motto is a sentence or two that you can turn to when you need a boost.

Before a big speech I always feel nervous, but now I use my motto to calm my nerves. Mine is ‘I’m stepping outside my comfort zone to achieve my dreams’.

3. Find your power person

I had so many moments when I doubted myself. I thought I would never improve.

I learned that sometimes, I needed to ask for help.

My best friend Luleka would always let me practice my speeches on her - and give me honest and helpful feedback.

Whether it’s your mom, best friend or teacher - there will be people in your life who really believe in you. Reach out to these people to remind you of your skills.

Asking for help, telling yourself your power mantra or taking a moment to feel strong takes less than a minute. You’ll be a step closer to success in no time!

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I will try those tips thanks springster

1 year, 7 months ago

Thanks Springster ❤

1 year, 7 months ago
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