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The great thing about being a young woman is being able to have fun. You get to try out different things and have fun with your identity because there is nothing like looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

Sometimes, it’s all about confidence because no amount hairstyle changes will feel as good as good confidence feels.

So if you are looking to have a little fun with your hair and are tired of the old cornrows or the relaxed push back. Don’t worry, Springster has you covered for the winter season. There are so many hairstyles within the African continent that you can embrace, celebrate and feel great in without changing the texture of your hair

Here are 5 African hairstyles that you definitely should try:

1. Korobo Hairstyle from Nigeria

We have to thank the Yoruban people of Nigeria for Korobo which traditionally translates to “bucket.” The hairstyle is achieved by parting your hair from the center into what looks like pizza slices and plaiting rows from that center to the edges of your head. The ends of your plaits can be curled backwards or be twisted like Bantu Knots. You can also decorate the ends with beads or other jewellery.

You can check out the hairstyle here

2. Amasunzu Hairstyle from Rwanda

Hailing from the East-African country Rwanda, Amasunzu is a dream for all the girls that want short, striking and natural hair is a The hair style is structured and sits in an upright position.

You can check out the hairstyle here

3. Fulani inspired hair

Probably the most popular hairstyle at the moment is the beaded cornrows, celebrities like Amanda Du Pont and Nomzamo Mbatha have been seen rocking this hairstyle from the people of Fulani. .The stunning hairstyle adds a interesting element to same old boring cornrows by adding beads, shells and other tiny ornaments to the braids. With Fulani inspired hair, it is not just about the straight back cornrow, you can also experiment by creating different types of patterns when creating the cornrow or even add a pretty bun in the frontal center of your head.

You can check out the hairstyle here

4. The headband braid from Tigray-Tigrinya of Ethiopia

The women and young girls of Tigrai tend to style their hair by braiding a part of the hair to the front and creating a band around the forehead. You can either use your own hair or you can use a hair piece to create a cute hair crown.

You can check out the hairstyle here

5. Bantu Knots from southern Africa (with a twist)

Bantu knots are back! The style that was once rocked by musicians like Janet Jackson in the 90s has returned. Now you can spice up the hairstyle by wrapping each knot with fabric. Find an old dress with a pretty pattern that you won’t be using or needing anymore. Cut up rows of the fabric and wrap each piece around every Bantu knot and voila, you look like a stunner! Otherwise, you can decorate your knots by adding pieces of jewellery to them.

You can check out the hairstyle here

The average braided hairstyle takes over 3 hours, we have come up with ways to spend your time productively:

  1. Bring the textbook of one of your hardest subjects and use that time trying to understand the subject

  2. If your friend is braiding you, it can be the perfect time to test each other on subject work

  3. Spend the time planning your future - whether you want to start a business or apply for university. Spend the time filling in those applications or reading up on careers you are interested in

What hairstyle will you be getting for winter? Tell us in the comments section

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I would like a weave

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I have very short hair and I don't want to relax them...can you guys tell me which hairstyle i can...

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If u don't want to relax them u can do as-curl without using a relax but u can use a perm lotion

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