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Jobs you can get without experience.

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Most jobs need experience, but there are some places where showing potential is enough to get you in. Once you are hired, you will be trained on how to do what’s needed from you. Here are some ideas:

Retail and Hospitality: There are close to 2000 malls in South Africa, all filled with restaurants and clothing shops like Edgars, Studio88, Mr Price and Cotton On looking for sales assistants, cashiers and more. You can also look for jobs at hotels and restaurants like Spur, BurgerKing or Panarottis .

Cashier: Shops like Clicks and Shoprite also have jobs for people who haven’t finished school. You’ll work as a bagger, putting groceries in bags, or as a cashier.

When looking for a job, it helps to cast your net wide, and look in as many places as possible. Check out MoveUp. It’s an app and site created for young people who are looking for jobs. It has courses that teach you about certain jobs and skills, like working at a call centre or being a receptionist. There’s also a course on starting your own business, as well as tips, tests and a CV builder.

Good luck, and remember that your safety comes first. Ask an adult, older sibling or a neighbour you trust to help you. If you’re offered work as a promoter, call the companies or brands that you’ll are supposed to be representing to find out if it’s true.

Lastly, don’t give up searching.

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its tought being unemployed on this life time

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Thanks for accepting me i love cashier job

2 years, 5 months ago
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