What's it really like being a nurse?

A day in the life of a nurse.

Your thoughts (22) What's it really like being a nurse?

Interested in becoming a nurse but not sure if it’s for you? You are not alone.

I’m Rekgotso, and even though I’m super excited about being in grade 12, I’m also little nervous about which career path to take. You see, I want to be nurse, but all I know about being one is that they help save lives.

My teacher suggested that I speak to a real nurse and find out what the jobs comes with.

This is where Portia comes in. She is one of my neighbors, and works at our local hospital.

She says that like many jobs in the health sector, to be a nurse, you have to study for it. You can go to a university, nursing college or private clinic like Mediclinic or Net care Education center.

To get into a study programme, you need to pass grade 12 maths and science.

And if you study through a public college or university, you could get government funding, through the Department of Social Development and the Department of Health. The best thing about this funding is that they pay for everything; accommodation, transport, school fees and food. They even give you a salary of R5 600 per month.

Do you know what else I found out? There are different kinds of nurses!

A registered nurse works in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This is where patients who need surgery go. In there, they prepare the doctor's tools like high blood pressure monitor and injections. They also help people that have been stabbed or are having a heart attack.

An enrolled nurse washes patients and gives them their medicine.

An Enrolled nursing auxiliary gives patients their food, cleans for them and washes them.

No matter the kind of nurse you are, your day will usually start at 6am or 7pm if you working the night shift. You then take over from the team that worked the previous shift. You look after all the patients in your ward making sure that they have eaten, had their medication, bathed and are ready for visiting hours.

In order to be a good nurse you have to be a good listener and be very patient because you are looking after sick people. They depend on you. Some patients will need to be prepared for surgery and other patients will need help exercising after a surgery. You are also responsible for that.

Throughout the day, patients will constantly need your help, so when you’re a nurse, you are sort of like a superhero - helping sick and injured people to get back to perfect health.

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