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Being able to earn money is empowering but getting a job can be challenging. Try these tips to help you get there.

Keep it simple

-Type your CV and use pictures, fonts and designs that are simple. -Use words that are easy to understand. -Use plain white paper and black ink.

Get the information right

-Make sure your contact information is correct -CVs are all about first impressions, so make sure your email address is professional. -For a professional email address use a combination of your name, initials and surname.

Introduce yourself

-Include a few lines at the top of your page telling the employer who you are. -Include your strongest skills and best personality traits.

Focus on what you have

-Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have work experience. -Talk about things you have done, like volunteer work, community activities and clubs you’ve belonged to. -If you’ve had odd jobs, list them.

List your school subjects

-Put the ones that are most relevant to the job at the top. -Make note of any academic achievements or awards. -Include a reference letter from a teacher or anyone who can be counted as your leader.

Include clubs and after school activities

-If you held positions like captain, treasurer or secretary in your sports’ or religious clubs, note them and describe your duties and responsibilities.

Happy job hunting Springsters. Your day is coming so don’t give up!

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