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Your thoughts (14) My phone, my teacher

My bestie Neo and I love our phones! You must know what I mean...we just love using Facebook and WhatsApp, and can spend hours a day on the internet. This got us thinking about what else we can get from our phones other than chatting. “What if,” we asked ourselves, “We could also use our phones to boost our studies?” We found these websites and free Apps. Now our marks are on their way to the top!

  1. English Teacher improved our reading, writing and speaking skills. Plus, lessons include tests and questions that can help you to prepare for your exams!.

  2. Do you find maths hard? Before we went on IXL, Neo and I definitely did. Now? Give us an equation, measurements, and graphs and it is done! The coolest thing about IXL is that it’s for everyone, from grade R to 12. Bonus? They offer rewards, so the more you study and practice your work, the more you win.

  3. History, maths literacy, social science, economic management any subject that’s in our national school curriculum, and Vodacom e-school covers it! Here, you get to learn, revise and test yourself. If you get tired of reading you can check out video lessons! So cool.

  4. The best thing about Midhub, which offers maths lessons for grades 8 to 12, is that it has different tools to make learning creative and fun. And we just love it when learning is fun and easy, so we think you’ll love using these videos, worksheets and interactive sketches!

Now our phones are our teachers as well. #SoAwesome!

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