Meet 3 girls running the digital world

Digital girls making money in the digital world

Your thoughts (8) Meet 3 girls running the digital world

From commenting on your friends pictures, finding out about your favourite singer to telling your friends and family what is on your mind, the internet can be such a great place. Besides all the fun you can have online, the internet can also help you launch your career and get lots of customers for your business.

Here is an inspiring list of girls who are slaying in the digital world:

Owethu Makhathini

Owethu is a digital girl, trying to make this a digital world, one training session at a time. As a social media expert she runs a business which teaches small businesses and people the basics of social media so they can run their businesses online.

As the owner of Makhathini Media she has helped trained 70 000 people across South Africa.

Thuli Mola

This Soweto-based Fashion designer and self-taught stylist, Thuli started her business by selling vintage clothes on Facebook.

On the page, she posted pictures of her products and invited followers to pop-up markets where she would sell her clothes.

In just two years, her Facebook page became so popular, with over 60 000 people who liked the page that she decided to open her own store where she sells her own designs.

She also has an online store where people across the country can buy her clothes.

Tasmiyah Haffejee - @makeupsa_

Business-minded teenager, Tasmiyah imports global makeup brands as well as accessories and sells them via Instagram account. With 12.7k followers, not only does Tasmiyah have a huge clientele but she has also been her approached by major companies to review and promote their products.

Tasmiyah also made a deal with Dodo Lashes to distribute a discount code for her customers and in turn if the code is used, Tasmiyah makes a commission.

By meeting a demand, Tasmiyah has been able to not only financially profit from it but also become a reliable voice in the cosmetic industry and in turn have social influence from her online presence.

Tips to start your own digital business:

With social media, you can now reach a lot more people, so use that power carefully. Be careful what you post.

Use social media platforms like Facebook to show off your products online.

Use the internet to connect with mentors and other people who can help grow your business.

Remember: The internet can also be dangerous, so be sure not to share personal information which can put you in danger.

Tell us: What is your favourite thing about social media?

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