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It’s never too early to prepare for exams

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It’s the start of the second term and the holidays are still in memory. Exams may seem so very far away but it’s never too early to prepare. As a teen mother trying to juggle school it can be hard to keep your grades looking good and you sometimes miss out on important information. Why don’t you start a study group with your friends?

So you are probably wondering why you should start a study group with your friends. Your friends can be an excellent source of support and encouragement. We are all good at something. Bring in friends who are good at different subjects and you can help each other and cover all subjects. This way, you will be able to get better marks and stronger at some of the subjects that you thought you were struggling in. You are guaranteed to be more comfortable asking your friends for advice before asking your teacher. And learning with your friends can be fun, you can encourage each other when someone is struggling or come up with new ways to learn your study material.

Here are some tips on how to start a study group with your friends.

Figure out subjects

Before you start your study group, you need to identify which subjects your class is struggling with. Make sure that your study group is filled with people who are at different levels so you will have members who are stronger who can assist the weaker members.

Keep notes

Make sure that with every meeting, you have the notes and books that you will need. Tell your members what they need to read up on before your meetings so that everyone is well prepared.

Assign roles

You can assign roles to different members- for example, secretary or study materials manager. This will help to keep the group organised. You don’t have have to stick to just one subject, if you are studying for more than one subject you can appoint a subject specialist (someone who does the best in the subject).

Invite your teachers for a session

Check your subject teacher’s schedule and if they are free, invite them to one of your meetings to answer questions. You can ask them for extra study material as well. Starting way ahead of exams shows your teacher that you take your education seriously. Just be prepared for the possibility that they might not have time to meet with you.

Why start a study group? Learning with friends can be fun, you can get support from your friends when your struggling and you can find new ways to make boring subjects fun.

Things to consider when you start your study group?

1.Find a balanced group of classmates and friends who are good at different subjects 2. Assign roles and structure your group. 3.Ask for extra materials and help from your subject teacher.

That’s all it takes. Happy studying Springsters!

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