How I turned my writing hobby into a business

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Your thoughts (39) How I turned my writing hobby into a business

Are you a writer who loves to tell stories? Meena is a writer who turned her love for writing and celebrity culture into a business. Here is her story:

I started writing when I was 12 and I haven’t stopped since. At first, I would write short stories about the things that I saw at school and then I joined the team at the school newspaper and that’s where I started writing about social events at our school. I would write about our Sisters With Voices group and our matric dances.

My blog began to attract a lot of readers and before I knew it, I was being invited to events all over the country. I have now turned my little blog into a full online magazine and I could make other writers dreams come true by hiring writers to work with me.

Writing is not the only craft that you can turn into a business. Here are tips to turn your hobby into a business

Do your research

Find out how you can make money from your craft. If you make furniture or accessories - Google other people who have the same talent that have made money. For example, Meena found out online that she could make money by advertising on her blog.

Be a master of your craft

Always work on your craft. Strive to be a better writer than you were yesterday. With her knowledge and experience, Meena used her writing skill to pitch stories to other publications, and got paid to write for other magazines.

Be prepared to take criticism

Don’t take it too personally when people criticise your work. Rather listen to the helpful hints and use it to make yourself better.

What hobby would you like to turn into a business? Tell us in the comments section

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