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The year has started off with a bang! Now it’s time to start chasing those dreams. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to go back to school, you might be worried that it’s too late to register. Don’t worry - we got you covered. Here are a few options to better your education and win at life all without going back to high-school.

After-school ABET classes

ABET or Adult Basic Education and Training is a program run by the department of basic education designed to give out of school adults the chance to complete their schooling. Getting your matric through ABET is easy. You can attend classes in FET colleges in your community or at high schools offering ABET classes in the afternoons and evenings. To find out more information, how much it will cost and to see which training centres are near you, visit www.abet.co.za

Study a technical course at a TVET/FET college

Gone are the days where boys were the only ones with career options in the technical field. As an alternative to a traditional matric certificate, you can register for a technical qualification at a TVET/FET college. There you can study to become anything, from being an electrician, plumber to an events manager or a bookkeeper. When you are done with your courses, you will have the same level of education as someone who did an academic matric, however, you will have a technical skill set. There are TVET colleges all around the country offering a variety of courses. For more information you can visit www.tvetcolleges.co.za

Apply for a learnership

If you’re looking to earn a living while getting an education, you can apply for a learnership. Some learnerships are offered to out of school young adults who are looking to gain practical experience in a career while studying. Do some research before applying to see if you qualify and if the learnership is offered in your area. Most learnerships pay a stipend so you earn while you learn. For more information on learnerships visit http://careerswithoutmatric.co.za/learnerships/

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