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3 ways to get job experience.

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That Awesome Moment when you finish high school is so sweet! Mine was followed by reality check! My parents have always done the best for me, but unfortunately, they couldn’t afford to send me to university. So, I had to find a job. When I started looking for a job, some people said that they’re scarce and hard to find. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities.

Learnership: This is a work and study programme where you get job experience while studying. Learnerships are supported by the government, which pays companies to hire young people to help them get job experience. There’s also an allowance to help with transport and other costs. Find out how you can apply here. Check out Harambee Youth and Tshepo 500 000. They help young people with skills development and job placements.

Internship: Many organisations are always looking for trainees or interns. This is when an organisation hires you without work experience. Even though most internships don’t pay, they are still a great way to get work experience. But because you need to money to get to and from work, it’s worth asking the organisation for a stipend. Another benefit is that they give you an opportunity to get into an organisation, like Amanda did. She couldn’t find a job as a journalist. She approached a magazine asking to be an intern. The magazine where she worked shared a building with other publications, which eventually led to her getting a job at another magazine. You can also check out InternshipsSA and BursariesSA to see if there are any opportunities that interest you.

Job shadowing: Job shadowing is like becoming someone’s shadow to see what their work involves. This is especially great if you are still in high school and not sure which career you want to go into. This will help you decide whether the job is for you or not, plus you can add it to your CV.

Happy job hunting!

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