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The year is almost finished. You know what this means Springsters? We won’t be going to school every day after exams, leaving us with some free time. So why not think about job shadowing? This is when you go to work with someone so that you can see what their job involves. It’s a great way to help you decide what you want to be in the future. And if you have a career you’re interested in you can test if that’s really what you want!

Getting started: Look for a company or organisation that works in the industry that you’re interested in. You can ask the hiring department, and explain that you are looking for job shadowing experiences. Usually, this will be for a day or a week. The first rule? Always be safe. Ask an adult to help you look for an organisation and check that it’s real, and that you won’t be in danger.

Be helpful: You know what everyone appreciates? People who are helpful. Introduce yourself to people around you, ask them what they do, tell them why you are there and offer to help whenever it’s needed. When we work hard, people show their appreciation.

Ask away: There is no such thing as a stupid question! One of the benefits of job shadowing is that you get to meet people who have the answers to your questions, and they will probably pass on other important information you didn’t know you needed.

Act the part Be professional. Remember that every opportunity we get to get closer to our dreams counts. So make the most of the doors that get opened for you. Arrive on time, don’t answer your phone in a meeting or while talking about work.

Good luck Springsters!

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